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On 1 Dec 2011, at 19:25, Sajithkumar Kizhakkiniyil wrote:

> Hello
> I have couple of question regarding the last modified information fetching form Riak PB client
> 1.       The last modified is split into to two parts lastModified and lastModifiedUsec. How to combine these to make atypical EPOCH time. As the per the PB java code the calculation seems like (lastModified * 1000L ) + (lastModifiedUsec / 100L);  But on our testing the calculation seems to be more towards  (lastModified * 1000L ) + (lastModifiedUsec / 1000L); Which is accurate representation

This is a bug. I'll open a ticket for it. You can raise a bug against the riak-java-client either using the github issues[1] at the repo or basho's bugzilla[2].

> 2.         Are these dates in UTC?

These dates are generated by a call to erlang:now() on the riak server node, so they will take whatever value the underlying OS on the server has for the current time., It would be nice if the timestamp included TZ info. You can create a feature request[3], or, if you consider the omission of TZ from a timestamp a bug, you can raise a bug against Riak[2].




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> Sajith
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