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Greg Pascale greg at
Fri Dec 2 16:57:30 EST 2011

 Hey Francisco, 

I find myself doing this fairly often - mainly through curl. Definitely room for improvement there... 


On Friday, December 2, 2011 at 5:39 AM, francisco treacy wrote:

> Hi riak-users,
> I just tweeted this... but here is probably the best place to ask:
> Do you regularly ad-hoc query your production data?
> I'm actually interested in finding out how people perform these
> queries. Use client libraries in a REPL, or scripts? Erlang by
> attaching to a node? Post the full-blown JSON with curl?
> I am using riak-js, often times with riak-ql, off the node.js REPL.
> (It's quite ok, but comparing it to SQL, hell even MongoDB, it feels
> just too much work to get data out.)
> Francisco
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