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Anna Byszkin anna.byszkin at easeltv.com
Tue Dec 6 08:16:51 EST 2011


I wasn't sure how to continue an existing thread on the mailing list,
started Sep 23, 2011 by Sohil Raghwani and picked up by Ryan Zezeski later
on. I think I'm having the same problem:

Riak installation:
version 1.0.1 in a 2-node cluster configuration on Ubuntu 11.10 (in the
configuration files, I left most of the settings with default values, only
changed those required for cluster configuration),
Java riak-client version 1.0.1.

I couldn't find a key stored in Riak. 'Stored' means that the application
<mybucket>.store(<key>, object.toString()).execute();
finished successfully and I found a relevant info in the application log.
However later I couldn't find this key in Riak.

In the error.log and crash.log files I can see:
[error] webmachine error:

Could it be a problem with the cluster configuration or maybe the client
(strange that I didn't get any exception if the store() method failed)?
Don't see any errors in syslog. What else could I check?
Has anyone else seen that (and possibly resolved ;))?

Thanks for any help,
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