Riak Recap for December 9 - 11

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Mon Dec 12 21:24:58 EST 2011

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All -

For today's Recap: blogs, talks, contributions, and more.



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Riak Recap for December 9 - 11

1) Basho DA Sean Cribbs will be in NYC tomorrow and might be available
to talk Riak if anyone is interested.

* Details here ---> http://twitter.com/#!/seancribbs/statuses/146296580755038209

2) Basho Chief Architect Andy Gross is speaking at ScaleConf in this
January in South Africa. Basho is also sponsoring the event. You
should attend.

* Details here ---> http://scaleconf.org/

3) We merged a few pull requests last week. Here's the summary:

* https://github.com/basho/riak/pull/89 (Thanks, Carlos Brando)
* https://github.com/basho/riak/pull/22 (Thanks, Tuncer)
* https://github.com/basho/riak-erlang-client/pull/35 (Thanks, Łukasz Milewski)
* https://github.com/basho/merge_index/pull/19 (Thanks, Jesse Newland)

4) Basho Developer Reid Draper wrote a great blog post about Knockbox,
a chunk of Clojure code he's working on that makes it easier to work
with conflict-resolution in eventually-consistent databases.

* Read here ---> http://www.reiddraper.com/introducing-knockbox

# Bugs/Issues

1) New

* 1304: Search indexes have no anti-entropy -
* 1303: Search timeout casues to_mochijson2 JSON conversion error -

2) Closed/Patched/Existing

* 1281: Not all Errors from a MR Get Returned Using PB or HTTP -

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