Riak & Zotonic

Marc Worrell marc at worrell.nl
Wed Dec 14 03:55:58 EST 2011

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your reaction.

From what I gathered from the Riak source code I am indeed afraid we have to go with some home-grown solution.
As we have a somewhat different structure (multiple sites with multiple data stores) I think that we keep to our home-grown Dynamo ring software.
(It is simple enough to write in Erlang...)

I will, however, borrow some code from Riak, think of stats etc.  
And hope to add an adaptor where other users can plug Riak for their own data store.

What kind of C database backend did you use?

After some benchmarking we think that in our case (many more reads than writes) sqlite3, PostgreSQL and MySQL will do fine.



On 13 dec 2011, at 18:24, Anthony Molinaro wrote:

> Hi,
>  It almost sounds like you might just want to investigate use riak_core
> instead of full blown riak.  The riak_core component only deals with
> ring management and messaging.  We've used it to create a completely
> different distributed store with a thrift frontend and custom C database
> backend.  You could probably swap out your home-grown Dynamo software
> with just riak_core?
> HTH,
> -Anthony

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