JSON Map/Reduce on binary data types

Adam Schepis adam.schepis at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 09:57:58 EST 2011

We're having a debate internally on my team about the final format that we
should store our objects in Riak. Some are voting for protobuf (because we
use it pretty heavily in house) and i'm advocating for JSON or gzipped JSON
because i feel like it would be easier to traverse and analyze with the
javascript M/R built into Riak when we want to do analysis.

I want to make sure i do my due dilligence, though... If we were to store
as protobuf (or any binary format) but are the possibilities for analyzing
the data with Riak Map Reduce? Would we need to include all of the
functions needed to deserialize the PB in our javascript code we send to
the server?
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