php 5.3 protocol buffer client

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Bummed to hear that. Unless it is your primary business advantage, I'd hope your company would consider releasing it. That way it can be improved by the community. That is why I am submitting my patches back to riak ... so I don't have to maintain it going forward. I can just improve it, and then let the community and riak work to improve it, since that is their whole business.

Just my two cents. Thanks for the blog articles. Those are very helpful, btw. I will study them as I work to improve the riak-php-client code.

~ John

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Unfortunately it's proprietary at the moment. I'll let you all know if we open it up. 



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I'd be interested in benchmarking the custom C protobuf pecl extension ... where can I get it? 

~ John 

> We're using something very similar to what I wrote up (with a custom C protobuf pecl extension) with good results .... 

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