Does the name in vm.args need to be the same at all times?

Russell Brown russelldb at
Tue Dec 27 11:07:54 EST 2011

On 27 Dec 2011, at 16:03, Jeffrey Eliasen wrote:

> Does the name in vm.args provided for a node in the cluster matter from one run of the service to the next?

It does matter, it is stored in the ring.

> In other words, could I:
> name the node 'x' in vm.args
> start the service
> stop the service
> rename the node 'y' in vm.args
	4.5 run riak-admin reip x y
> start the service again

Then you are OK.

> I would like to dynamically assign the name prior to starting the service, but if it must remain the same for the life of the node then this will not work (obviously).
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