Loading documents in the map phase

Eric Moritz eric at themoritzfamily.com
Thu Feb 3 11:28:39 EST 2011

For some reason I was under the impression that I could return a list of
bucket/key pairs in a map phase and Riak would automagically load the
documents for the next query phase.

For instance I have the document:


  ["entries", "story-1"],
  ["entries", "story-2"],

then obviously documents in /riak/entries/story-1 and /riak/entries/story-2

Then I have the following query:

"inputs": [ ["entry_list", "eric"] ],
"query": [
   {"map": {"language": "javascript", "name": "Riak.mapValuesJson"}},

I assumed that what I would get out of the query was the content of
/riak/entries/story-1 and /riak/entries/story-2

Am I mistaken?

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