Riak Recap for Feb. 2 - 4

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Feb 4 17:13:33 EST 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All,

Here's a great Recap to take you into the weekend. We've got new code,
a podcast, some content from #riak, and more.



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Riak Recap for Feb. 2 - 4

1) Bradley Taylor and the team at Webster/Clay released a project of
theirs called "pimp_my_riak." This is a "Node template for customizing
Riak" (and easily has the best name yet for any Riak-related piece of

* Watch, Fork, Clone and Experiment here (but be careful as this may
blow your mind) ---> https://github.com/websterclay/pimp_my_riak

2) The latest episode of Minute with Riak was just published. This one
is all about Read Repair and Replicas.

* Listen here---> http://riak.minutewith.com/pages/20110204

3) There's a new startup out there called "dotcloud" that is
self-described as a "simple application platform for professionals."
Riak is on their list of "pre-configured and heavily tested
components." Might be of some interest to some of you...

* Details here ---> http://www.dotcloud.com/

4) Riak core was discussed a bit on the Erlang Programming Google Groups list.

* Thread here --->

(h/t to Bradley Taylor for sending this link my way.)

5) We merged some code into the python client based on recent pull
request from Eric Moritz that resolves bug 695.

* Details here https://github.com/basho/riak-python-client/pull/8

Thanks, Eric!

6) wolfeidau and seancribbs had a brief chat in #riak about how one
might store log data in Riak.

gist here ---> https://gist.github.com/811844

7) We have some new code and fixes in Ripple courtesy of Kyle Kingsbury.

Details here ---> https://github.com/seancribbs/ripple/compare/e6d3e92...8732730

Thanks, Kyle!

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