innostore questions

Jackson L jl8866 at
Mon Feb 7 09:00:58 EST 2011

I am new to riak and have a few questions I am hoping someone can help me with.  
Thx in advance for any help. 

1) From the basho download page,, 
innostore is currently at release 1.0.2.  Since innostore is an embedded version 
of innodb, is there any correlation between the innostore release and the real 
innodb release?  Are the features available with innodb 1.0.2 available in 
innostore 1.0.2 or is there no relationship?
2)  Related to the prior question is if there is no relationship, does anyone 
know of any detail documentation besides the basho wiki that shows all the 
supported features and/or parameters that each version of innostore supports?  
For example, does innostore support the innodb parameters:
a.            file_per_table
b.            autoextend_increment
c.             autoinc_lock_mode
d.            data_file_path
3) Is there a lot of write activity in the ring_state_dir?  I am assuming their 
isn't since the state of the node shouldn't change that frequently but wanted a 

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