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Thx David for the prompt and informative response.

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On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 7:00 AM, Jackson L <jl8866 at> wrote:
> 1) From the basho download page,,
> innostore is currently at release 1.0.2.  Since innostore is an embedded
> version of innodb, is there any correlation between the innostore release
> and the real innodb release?  Are the features available with innodb 1.0.2
> available in innostore 1.0.2 or is there no relationship?

No relation, unfortunately.

> 2)  Related to the prior question is if there is no relationship, does
> anyone know of any detail documentation besides the basho wiki that shows
> all the supported features and/or parameters that each version of innostore
> supports?  For example, does innostore support the innodb parameters:

You can see the full set of config options on line 385 in this file:

Not all the options are necessarily enabled/responsive to external
settings -- embedded inno is a bit of a finicky beast about that

> a.            file_per_table

The setting is available, but I believe embedded inno requires this
mode -- I've not tried changing it.

> b.            autoextend_increment
> c.             autoinc_lock_mode

I've not tried either of these settings, but within the scope of Riak,
they would not really be that helpful (since everything stored is just

> d.            data_file_path

I've not tried this one -- typically we use data_home_dir and
log_group_home_dir to control where data/logs go.

> 3) Is there a lot of write activity in the ring_state_dir?  I am assuming
> their isn't since the state of the node shouldn't change that frequently but
> wanted a confirmation.

No, there should not be a lot of write activity in ring_state_dir.


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