riak-search and innostore

Gordon Tillman gtillman at mezeo.com
Tue Feb 8 19:10:29 EST 2011

Greetings All,

I just have a couple of quick comments regarding using riak-search with innostore.  Thought it may save someone else a bit of trouble.

OK, starting with a standard dev install of riak-search (latest version).  I installed innostore and configured as per the wiki.  So I had the following lines in the app.config files of my 3 node development cluster:

{storage_backend, riak_kv_innostore_backend},
%% innostore config
{innostore, [
   {data_home_dir, "data/innodb"}, %% Where data files go
   {log_group_home_dir, "data/innodb"}, %% Where log files go
   {buffer_pool_size, 268435456} %% 256MB in-memory buffer in bytes

The cluster started up fine and I populated it with some initial data with no errors.  Found that I was unable to list keys in a bucket.  Did some poking around and found out that even though all of the proper riak_search and merge_index config was in place, the system had used innostore and not merge_index_backend for the indexes.

So I discovered that the right thing to do was to configure the cluster using:

{storage_backend, riak_kv_multi_backend},

And that brings me to my second note.  The wiki docs describe the configuration info needed to work with riak_kv_multi_backend.  An example:

           {multi_backend_default, <<"bitcask">>},
           {multi_backend, [
               {<<"bitcask">>, riak_kv_bitcask_backend,
                   [{data_root, "data/bitcask"}]},
               {<<"innostore">>, riak_kv_innostore_backend,
                       {data_home_dir, "data/innodb"},
                       {log_group_home_dir, "data/innodb"},
                       {buffer_pool_size, 268435456}

I found out that even though this info must be present, the system was not honoring my settings for <<"innostore">>. I know this because it was creating a different directory for the indexes in a different location than what I had specified. I still had to include this section (outside of the multi_backend block):

{innostore, [
   {data_home_dir, "data/innodb"}, %% Where data files go
   {log_group_home_dir, "data/innodb"}, %% Where log files go
   {buffer_pool_size, 268435456} %% 256MB in-memory buffer in bytes

With that declaration in place, all is working well.  The riak-search indexes are correct and functioning.  I can list bucket keys, and the information for the buckets whose "backend" property is set to "innostore" (via REST interface) is being correctly stored in the proper directory, etc.

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