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A little git history helps. It seems you added that spec back in November, I think around the time we were discussing how to properly deal with the "_type" property in #instantiate. Without remembering too much of the original context, the question seems to be: should it silently ignore attributes that no longer exist on the model or should it warn the programmer in some way that a property doesn't exist? The current code seems to favor the latter, in the form of a NoMethodError.

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On Feb 9, 2011, at 8:44 AM, Duff OMelia wrote:

>> I don't know the original intent but it would be nice to have
>> some sort of deprecated_property declaration that allows using the
>> data attributes and can possibly have options for migration, like
>> keep, delete, log or a proc that could transition it to a new
>> attribute.
> I'd also be fine doing things "manually" for awhile to give the code a
> chance to reveal the abstraction.  I'm still mulling on the best way
> to even do it manually. :)
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