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The choice of "key" as the method/attribute name corresponds to the Riak terminology for the same concept (and is analogous to "id" in ActiveRecord).  If you want to use a non-String value for the key, create a property of some other name and then use the "key_on" method which makes a defined property act as the key.

property :some_num, Integer, :presence => true, :default => 1234
key_on :some_num

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On Feb 12, 2011, at 8:00 PM, Mat Ellis wrote:

> Why do these behave differently in Ripple?
> # Leaves key field blank
> property :key, Integer, :presence => true, :default => 1234
> # Populates key2 field with 1234
> property :key2, Integer, :presence => true, :default => 1234
> We'd like to use the key field as a standard (like the 'id' field is the default in ActiveRecord). Is this a bad idea and if so why?
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