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Sat Feb 12 23:31:09 EST 2011

The specific issue we're having is that we can't get the test server to stay up, it seems to die after 5-6 seconds.

We setup our dev environments based on the Riak Fast Track and so there was nothing in RIAK_ROOT/rel/riak/bin. 

We tried RIAK_ROOT/dev/dev1/bin and also 'make rel' in RIAK_ROOT. 

Any time we try any Ripple operations against the test server we get 'EOFError: end of file reached.'


On Feb 12, 2011, at 8:23 PM, Sean Cribbs wrote:

> The generators are there to help (assuming you have Ripple in your bundle):
> Ripple:
>   ripple
>   ripple:configuration
>   ripple:js
>   ripple:model
>   ripple:test
> The root "ripple" generator will generate configuration, js, and test. 
> The "configuration" generator adds a config/ripple.yml that you use normally to set up your dev and prod environments, and a hint on how to set up the test env. The test server also gets its configuration from the file. The only thing you really need to set is "bin_dir", which gives the directory where the "riak" start script lives (depends on how you installed Riak, obviously).
> The "test" generator will add the file spec/support/ripple.rb which wraps the test-server up for you in a friendly package. It also inserts an "after :each" block to your spec_helper.rb that wires up clearing the data for you.  The test server is completely independent of any stubbing or additional testing frameworks you use and so it should still work for your specs.  Think of it like having a separate test database, with a big rolled-back transaction at the end of each example.
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> On Feb 12, 2011, at 11:02 PM, Mat Ellis wrote:
>> Is there a tutorial or a walk-through available for testing with Rspec & Ripple? Currently ploughing our way through attempting to make the in memory test server work. And of course, our Rspec setup is a little different (mocha stubbing, shoulda, etc.) We'll probably get there eventually any docs or cribsheets would be helpful.
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