Riak Recap for Feb. 14 - 15

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Feb 16 18:19:17 EST 2011

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to all,

For today's Recap: a new README for the PHP client, two new Erlang
functions in Riak Function Contrib, a new Riak talk, and more.



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Riak Recap for Feb. 14 - 15

1) Basho CTO Justin Sheehy will be on a Big Data Panel happening in
Cambridge, MA .... right about now. This one will be at the Microsoft
New England R&D Center. You can still make it if you run!

* Details here --->

2) The "MapReducing Big Data With Luwak" Webinar is happening tomorrow.

Last chance to register here --->

3) Jeremiah Peschka is giving a Riak talk at the Columbus Ruby Bridage
on Monday, February 21, at 6:30PM.

Details here on his blog --->

4) The README for the PHP Client was redone yesterday by KevBurnsJr.
Check it out. It's nice.

* https://github.com/basho/riak-php-client

Thanks, Kev.

5) @bradfordw sent me a truly exceptional graphic he made that I
thought merited further distribution.

* Check it out here --->

(Things like this are encourage, btw...)

6) We added two new Erlang functions to Riak Function Contrib. They
both came from Ryan Maclear (@ryanmaclear). Test drive them if you've
got a few minutes.

* http://contrib.basho.com/digraph_importer.html
* http://contrib.basho.com/digraph_exporter.html

Thanks, Ryan.

7) The Riak Knowledge Base (KB) hasn't been talked about too much (as
we are still populating it with knowledge) but it's about time to pass
it along to you. The KB is intended to be the home for one-off, less
detailed information than wiki.basho.com, so keep that in mind when
you're perusing.

* Check it out here ---> https://help.basho.com/forums/270314-riak

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