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Hello Yury!

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On Feb 17, 2011, at 1:42 PM, Yury Dorofeev wrote:

> Hi!
> I have two questions. My first question is how to make the searching
> process by non-key value efficient?
> More details. I will use Erlang notation such as we are coding with Erlang:
> we have Bucket = "User" which contains lots of users with Key =
> username and  Value = [{"FirstName", value}, {"SecondName", value},
> {"e-mail", value}].
> I want to make a search "get all users whose FirstName='John' ". The
> bucket "User" is huge! I do not want to get all the possible
> objects(keys) from that bucket and apply Map and Reduce functions to
> them AFTER. It will be extremely expensive! Is it possible to make
> such a smart request without "post" request processing?
> My second question is how to make a relation between 2 or more Buckets
> and get the data from them in 1 request.
> Example. Bucket = "User", Bucket="Department". One user can be
> registered in many departments. I need to get information about all
> departments for the certain user.
> In SQL db this is not a problem. But I do not have an experience with
> key-value store db.
> Best regards, Yury Dorofeev
> Uppsala University, Sweden
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