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Fri Feb 18 04:10:27 EST 2011

Hi Alexander!
   Thank you for your answer! But the reason I wrote questions was I
have already read the documentation and still have not found the
answer. That is why I send my mail yesterday. I want to find clear
explanation and examples. Has nobody asked similar questions before
me? If you know the forum devoted to this topic or useful information,
could you please send me this link.
Regards, Yury.

2011/2/17 Alexander Sicular <siculars at>:
> Hello Yury!
> 1. Use riak search,
> 2. Use "Links" ,
> Best,
> Alexander
> On Feb 17, 2011, at 1:42 PM, Yury Dorofeev wrote:
>> Hi!
>> I have two questions. My first question is how to make the searching
>> process by non-key value efficient?
>> More details. I will use Erlang notation such as we are coding with Erlang:
>> we have Bucket = "User" which contains lots of users with Key =
>> username and  Value = [{"FirstName", value}, {"SecondName", value},
>> {"e-mail", value}].
>> I want to make a search "get all users whose FirstName='John' ". The
>> bucket "User" is huge! I do not want to get all the possible
>> objects(keys) from that bucket and apply Map and Reduce functions to
>> them AFTER. It will be extremely expensive! Is it possible to make
>> such a smart request without "post" request processing?
>> My second question is how to make a relation between 2 or more Buckets
>> and get the data from them in 1 request.
>> Example. Bucket = "User", Bucket="Department". One user can be
>> registered in many departments. I need to get information about all
>> departments for the certain user.
>> In SQL db this is not a problem. But I do not have an experience with
>> key-value store db.
>> Best regards, Yury Dorofeev
>> Uppsala University, Sweden
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