Riak Recap for Feb. 16 - 17

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Feb 18 18:21:52 EST 2011

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All,

Here's a tidy Recap to send you into the weekend.

(Quick note: Monday is a holiday in the U.S., so I won't be writing a
Recap. If someone wants to step up and write it in my absence that
would be great. If not, regularly scheduled Recaps will pick back up
on Wednesday.)



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== Riak Recap for Feb. 16 - 18 ==

1) Milestone 3 of Grails GORM support for Riak was just released.

* Details here ---> http://twitter.com/#!/j_brisbin/status/38273874747596800

2) Support for node v0.4 landed in a branch of riak-js.

* Code here ---> https://github.com/frank06/riak-js/tree/0.4

3) We posted a follow up blog post to the MapReducing Big Data with
Riak Webinar, complete with a screencast and Bryan's slide deck.

* Read here ---

4) Basho Hacker Rusty Klophaus was on a panel about Non-Relational
Datastores way back in 2010 at Strange Loop. The video has just
surfaced (or at least it's new to me).

* Watch here --->

5) Q --- How do I force charset for content, when storing data in to
riak using riak http client? (from sragu via #riak)

    A --- Just specify it as the content-type. For example:

    Content-Type: text/plain;charset=UTF8

6) Q --- Can you change the luwak block size ? is it in the config
somewhere? can it be changed on a per file basis? (from siculars via

    A --- Yes, the block size can be changed. For example:

    luwak_file:create(Client, Name, [{block_size, 123}], dict:new()).

    creates a luwak file with 123-byte blocks. Keep in mind that once
created, block size is unchangeable.

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