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Hi Aditya,

There are no concepts of N, W, or R in Luwak.  This is because Luwak is built _on top_ of Riak.  To be more specific, Luwak takes a large file and chunks it into smaller pieces.  These smaller pieces are then hashed, and stored under a key equal to the hash value.  That is, Luwak uses something called a hash tree to store data.  This has the nice benefit that you don't take a storage hit for redundant data because Luwak files will share data they have in common.  However, it has the drawback that deleting something is non-trivial, and currently Luwak does not actually remove the data when you delete a file.

If you want to change the N/W/R props of Luwak (as a whole) then you can do so by setting the luwak_node and luwak_tld bucket props appropriately.


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> How can I set the number of replica for the Luwak ?? I want to store atleast 4 replica of my files uploaded to luwak. One more thing.. how to set 'r' value and 'w' value for the luwak??
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