Number of replica for Luwak

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Fri Feb 18 20:54:08 EST 2011

On 2/18/11 6:34 PM, Ryan Zezeski wrote:
> I realized what I just said is confusing.  I start out saying there is no N/W/R
> in Luwak and end by saying essentially the opposite.  Maybe I shouldn't reply on
> my iPhone while drinking a beer on my front stoop?  Such a nice night in Baltimore.
> Luwak has no _direct_ notion of N/W/R.  You can't call a Luwak specific URL or
> Luwak Erlang API and pass it those properties.  No.  However, underneath the
> surface, Luwak uses two Riak buckets to store all it's data.  They are
> 'luwak_tld' and 'luwak_node'.  Without getting into much detail, the first
> stores the file metadata object (Top Level Document), and the later stores the
> actual data chunks.  That said, if you want all objects stored in Luwak to have
> a N=4 then you should first set the bucket props accordingly on the two luwak
> buckets.

What happens if there is a read of the object while it is in the process of 
being updated if the update is several different operations?

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