Riak Java Client

Russell Brown russell.brown at mac.com
Sun Feb 20 16:00:44 EST 2011

Sorry to self-reply...I've been reading and have a short term answer to your 3rd point, please see inline below. 

However I do think it could be baked into the API more clearly.

On 19 Feb 2011, at 18:29, Russell Brown wrote:

> On 18 Feb 2011, at 23:20, Wilson MacGyver wrote:
>> 3: support no-data flag. I noticed in python client, you can pass a
>> no-data returned
>> flag when doing a PUT to riak. I can't find the same thing in java.
>> This would be
>> very useful in bulk upload situation.
> Sounds extremely doable, and in short order. 

When you store using RiakClient.store(RiakObject, RequestMeta) you can set up RequestMeta with arbitrary query params like

	RequestMeta requestMeta = RequestMeta.writeParams(3, 3).setQueryParam(Constants.QP_RETURN_BODY, Boolean.toString(true));


	myClientInstance.store(myRiakObject, requestMeta);


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