Yury Dorofeev u.dorofeev at
Tue Feb 22 06:49:38 EST 2011

   In chapter "Riak Search Schema" the notation "document" is used.
What is that? Why do we need it?
Parameters are:
<INDEX> – The name of the index.
<DocID> – The document ID.
<Fields> – A key/value list of fields to index.

I have
Value=[{first_name, value}, {second_name, value}, {e-mail, value}]

and I want to index first_name and secons_name
search:index_doc(<<"my_index">>, <<?>>, [{<<"first_name">>,
<<value>>}, {<<"second_name">>, <<value>>}])
what should be instead of "?"

Is there mechanism to index data implicitly by specifing the field
name only (without providing the real values)?
Regards Yury, Uppsala University, Sweden

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