Riak search question (Python)

Rusty Klophaus rusty at basho.com
Tue Feb 22 15:05:41 EST 2011

Hi Mike,

You are missing the "run()" command at the end of client.search(). The
"search()" function creates a MapReduce object to which you can add map and
reduce phases. The "run()" command bundles up MapReduce job and sends it to
the Riak cluster for processing.

client.search('tweets', 'name:[andy TO john]').run() should give you the
results you are looking for.

If that still doesn't work, some sample code is below and more examples are


from riak import RiakClient
from riak import RiakHttpTransport

client = RiakClient("", 8098)
bucket = client.bucket("tweets")

tweet = bucket.new('key1', data={ 'name': 'andy', 'text': 'text1' })

tweet = bucket.new('key2', data={ 'name': 'bob', 'text': 'text2' })

tweet = bucket.new('key3', data={ 'name': 'john', 'text': 'text3' })

tweet = bucket.new('key4', data={ 'name': 'lloyd', 'text': 'text4' })

results = client.search('tweets', 'name:[andy TO john]').run()

On Fri, Feb 18, 2011 at 7:44 PM, Mike Stoddart <stodge at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm experimenting with Riak Search; I'm storing tweets and then trying
> to query them. My code to store a tweet is:
>                       tweet = bucket.new(str(uuid.uuid1()), data={
>                               'name': s.user.name,
>                               'text': s.text,
>                       })
>                       tweet.store()
> My code to search the tweets is:
>    search_query = client.search('tweets', 'name:[andy TO john]')
> I've tried many different queries including:
>    search_query = client.search('tweets', 'text:and')
> But I never get any hits. Am I doing something fundamentally wrong? I
> print out the tweet as I add it to the database so I know what terms I
> can search on. But nothing works. I did remember to do:
> serach-cmd install tweets
> Any suggestions appreciated.
> Thanks
> Mike
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