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Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Wed Feb 23 11:58:49 EST 2011

On 2/23/2011 10:39 AM, Ryan Zezeski wrote:
>     Thanks!  A couple more somewhat related questions: is that atomic
>     update nature hard to duplicate outside of luwak (say by a client
>     that needs to keep several items in sync), and if the luwak blocks
>     are immutable, how do you ever clean up the space used by data that
>     has been deleted or modified and no longer referenced?
> For your first question, I believe the onus to make multiple object
> updates atomic is on you, the application developer.  One of the,
> perhaps easier, ways to achieve this would be to wrap all the data in
> one object?

And luwak accomplishes this by putting the list of keys comprising the 
whole stream in one object that is updated last, so a reader will get 
one or the other?

> Second, you don't; not at this time at least.  Luwak allows you to
> delete the file reference, but not the data itself.  It's the very
> nature of the fact that it's an immutable, persistent data structure
> that makes this so.  If two files share a block, then you can't simply
> delete the blocks under a file, but instead must perform something more
> like garbage collection.

If I understand what is going on correctly, you'd have to maintain a 
reference count atomically with the keys since files with duplicate 
sections would reuse some data blocks.  Hmmm, that makes it sound like a 
really good place to throw backups for a dedup effect...

> If you're up for it, I have some proof of concept code on my fork of
> Luwak.  I got GC to work, to an extent.  IIRC, once I got past 10-15GB
> things started to degrade quickly.  When I get more time I plan to
> return to it.

What is the trick to knowing if a block is currently referenced or not? 
Would it be possible to have some sort of bucket versioning and 
periodically copy currently-referenced blocks forward, flip the bucket 
reference and drop everything in the old bucket?  I guess you'd still 
have to deal with possible re-use during the copy.

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