tuning riak for 100s of concurrent connections

Bob Feldbauer bob at completefusion.com
Wed Feb 23 15:08:33 EST 2011

After importing data into Riak, I'm in a basically 100% GET scenario. I 
haven't done much load testing other than throwing live traffic at it, 
but with that I've seen ~150 concurrent connections.

I'm using Jetty app servers (Riak Java client) which are using protobufs 
to hit an HAProxy server, which load balances my 7 Riak nodes. I really 
haven't done anything special, other than using protobufs and fronting 
Riak with HAProxy.

Other than that, I would just say "use fast disks" and/or add nodes as 
needed to hit your capacity targets -- because with that traffic and 7 
nodes with 1 1TB disk per node, I'm seeing ~0.5-<1.0 load average on 
Riak nodes as iowait.

Feel free to hop on the #riak IRC channel and I'd be happy to try to 
answer any other questions about our setup.

- Bob Feldbauer

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> Are there any guidelines/howtos on tuning riak nodes for 100s
> (200-500) of concurrent connections
> which are 99.9% HTTP GET?
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