Riak Recap for Feb. 18 - 22

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Feb 23 21:14:08 EST 2011

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All,

It has been five days since the last Recap and, as a result, this one
is massive: tons of new code, blog posts, screen casts, and more.

Enjoy and, as usual, thanks for being part of Riak.


Community Manager
Basho Technologies


Riak Recap for Feb. 18 - 22

1) Sean Cribbs and several Ripple users held a call to discuss the
direction for some querying enhancements coming to Ripple.  Sean
updated the Issues on GitHub to reflect the coming changes.

* All the goodies are here --->

2) KevBurnsJr (@KevBurnsJr) has been putting in some serious PHP-related work.

* He's submitted four pull requests over the last several days (which
we are working on merging) -

* He's started work on porting Ripple to PHP. See:


* Additionally, he wrote a blog post (complete with a screen cast)
called "Self-descriptive hypermedia in Riak." Read/Watch here --->

Thanks, Kev.

3) We merged some code into Luwak from Ryan Zezeski related to default
block size configuration.

* Details here --->

Thanks, Ryan.

4) We merged in a small change to Luke contributed by Peter Lemenkov.

* Commit here --->

Thanks, Peter.

5) There is some new code in Riak Function Contrib courtesy of Kyle
Kingsbury (@aphry).

* Details here ---> http://contrib.basho.com/iso8601.html

Thanks, Kyle.

6) Michael Ossareh released "ring-session-riak," A Riak implementation
for Ring Session. This one should be of particular interest to any
Clojure fans out there.

* Code here on GitHub ---> https://github.com/ossareh/ring-session-riak

* Another repo that might be worth keeping an eye on is his fork of
Mark McGranaghan's Clojure bindings --->

7) The official careers page is live on basho.com.

* Check it out here ---> http://www.basho.com/company_careers.php

8) Mathias Meyer (@roidrage) just announced he'll be giving a talk
called "Redis, Riak, Cassandra - The Holy NoSQL Trinity" at
RailsWayCon in May.

* Read this and then mark your calendars --->

9) Tim Dysinger (@dysinger) has been working on some Lisp Flavored
Erlang (LFE) MapReduce code for Riak, and he posted his initial code
to GitHub over the weekend.

* Repo here ---> https://github.com/dysinger/gutenberg/

Thanks, Tim.

10) We merged some code from Russell Brown (@russelldb) for the Java
Client that increases the number or concurrent connections one can

* Details here --->

Thanks, Russell.

11) Runar Jordahl wrote a blog post called "Storing Part of Riak
Object Value in Memory."

* Read here --->

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