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Thu Feb 24 08:36:38 EST 2011

How did you install Erlang? It is often broken into several packages and you need to have all of them installed (with the exception of wx) for Riak to build properly.  If you installed Erlang from source we'll look into other possibilities.

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On Feb 23, 2011, at 11:46 PM, Luke Bredeson wrote:

> Hello,
> I was hoping to give riak a try but ran into an odd Erlang issue.  I was following the "Fast Track", but got hung up when compiling riak.
> I cloned riak from github, did "cd riak", then "make all".  A few modules appeared to compile correctly, but then I received the following error:
> ERROR: compile failed while processing /home/luke/riak/deps/skerl: {'EXIT',{function_clause,[{lists,thing_to_list,[{error,bad_name}]},
>                           {lists,flatmap,2},
>                           {lists,flatmap,2},
>                           {rebar_port_compiler,default_env,0},
>                           {rebar_port_compiler,compile,2},
>                           {rebar_core,run_modules,4},
>                           {rebar_core,execute,4},
>                           {rebar_core,process_dir,4}]}}
> make: *** [compile] Error 1
> I'm running Erlang R14B.  I know I'm supposed to have R13B04 or later, but maybe R14B is too new?  Also, I'm on Fedora 14, if that's relevant.  Any ideas would be appreciated, as I'm really hoping to getting into trying out riak.
> Thanks,
> Luke
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