riaksearch sort, start, and rows

Gary William Flake gary at flake.org
Mon Feb 28 01:17:46 EST 2011

While coding up a front-end to paginate over a set of search results, I
think I found a bug whereby the result set is incorrectly segmented as a
function of the sort key, the start index, and the row count.  In the output
that follows, I am using the field ctime for sort order, and the value of
delta is simply the difference between subsequent ctime values (which I was
checking in order to debug what was happening).

First, lets ask for just the first result:

> /solr/clips/select?q=user%3Ad33af3cca29a43e63e8f6a52dfdd99a61f7b7906%20AND%20private%3A1&start=0&rows=1&wt=json&sort=ctime

> title: weather flagler beach - Google Search

ctime: 98701733411258

delta: 0


Now, let's do the same query, but get the top three instead:

> /solr/clips/select?q=user%3Ad33af3cca29a43e63e8f6a52dfdd99a61f7b7906%20AND%20private%3A1&start=0&rows=3&wt=json&sort=ctime

> title: Amazon.com: knives

ctime: 98701733349673

delta: 0


title: weather flagler beach - Google Search

ctime: 98701733411258

delta: 61585


title: Bartholdi on spacefilling curves

ctime: 98701733465867

delta: 54609


Notice that we have a new 'top' result.  Finally, let's get all of the
results by setting row to something large, but I'll only show the first
result because that's all you need to see:

> /solr/clips/select?q=user%3Ad33af3cca29a43e63e8f6a52dfdd99a61f7b7906%20AND%20private%3A1&start=0&rows=1000&wt=json&sort=ctime

> title: HTTP cookie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ctime: 98701587317266

delta: 0


We now get a record that we haven't seen yet.

I can confirm that when I get all of the results, they are in the properly
sorted order.  I also believe that any of my smaller result sets are also in
proper sort order.  However, it also appears that when I ask for a specific
number of row with a non-zero start start value, then the start index is not
handled correctly.  FWIW, these results don't' have anything to do with the
client library because I reproduced them over the REST interface.

Any ideas?

-- GWF
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