Riak Recap for Feb. 25 - 27

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Mon Feb 28 18:48:51 EST 2011

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Here's a short Recap from the last few days.



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Riak Recap for Feb. 25 - 27

1) Q --- Trying to get riak running on ubuntu. I installed the deb
package, but when I try to start riak on the server, it seems to fail
silently. I just get a riak_err message saying that the server is
shutting down but no further information. Any tips? (from carllerche
via #riak)

    A --- Hard to tell without more information. Run riak console and
pass along whatever you find in the logs.

2) Q --- What happens after I run riak-admin leave?  riak-admin status
on other nodes still show the other node as "connected". (from
carllerche via #riak)

     A --- When you run riak-admin leave, the ring file is updated and
the node in question starts handing off partitions to the new nodes
   responsible for its data. Once it finishes transferring all the
data, it shuts down. Though the node is no longer part of the ring
(according to the ring file), the node will appear as connected until
if finishes transferring its data to the new nodes.

3) Bryan O'Sullivan just tagged version of his Haskell Client.

* Details here ---> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/riak-

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