Riak Recap for Jan. 3 - 4

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Jan 5 20:39:21 EST 2011

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All,

For today's Recap: A few blog posts, Multipart Stream Parsing for
Ripple, and some gists from #riak.



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Riak Recap for Jan. 3 - 4

1) The team at BankSimple launched their blog with a great post about
the technology they are using. Riak got a nice shout out.

Post here --->http://banksimple.com/engineering/2011/01/03/engineering-at-banksimple/

2) svjson, seancribbs, DeanZen, rustyk and others had a _very_ long
conversation in #riak that touched on everything from Riak Search, to
Cassandra, to capacity planning, to the role of vnodes, and much more.

Gist here ---> https://gist.github.com/767327

3) Multipart Stream Parsing landed in Ripple yesterday.

Details here ---> http://twitter.com/#!/seancribbs/status/22075326486020096

4) sragu and rustyk had a short chat in #riak that answers the
question, "How could I customize the index created for a xml document
with riak?"

Gist here ---> https://gist.github.com/767341

5) Reik Schatz wrote up a lengthy blog called, "Riak, Protocol Buffer
and Java in the Mix."

Post here ---> http://javasplitter.blogspot.com/2011/01/riak-protocol-buffer-and-java-in-mix.html

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