PDF or OpenOffice Impresse presentations instead of .KEY + Windows question

Kyle Quest kcq.lists at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 12:25:35 EST 2011

The way Erjang is designed goes against some of the core concepts
behind Erlang. For example, Erjang shares messages instead of doing a
full copy like it's done in Erlang (at least, that's how it worked the
last time I checked Erjang). I trust the native Erlang VM a bit more
when it comes to stability and usability because it's developed by
long time Erlang experts. Erjang, on the other hand, was just an
experiment to learn Erlang. Definitely a fun way to do it, but it's
still an experiment :-) It sure is a cool future possibility to play

> During JavaZone last year I spoke with Kresten about Erjang, and he claimed that despite the native code that many Erlang projects use, he was still seeing success using it (the details escape me now) and even did a live benchmark of it outperforming the BeamVM. Crazy stuff indeed.
> But either-way, my note was more about "isn't this interesting future possibility" rather than "it would be better than native"... obviously having windows binaries would be awesome and I would actually really like to see that happen :-)

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