riak perfomance downfalls

Serge Pokhodyaev serge at efirlabs.ru
Mon Jan 17 09:01:17 EST 2011


Nobody answered my previous post
But I'll try again...

I made different stress-test.

One hardware server — 2*quad-core Xeon E5620, 2.40 GHz, 48Gb RAM,
RAID1 (linux softraid, 2 sata disks).
Debian GNU/Linux squeeze

Installed erlang R14. Compiled riak from sources.

sys_system_version : <<"Erlang R14B (erts-5.8.1) [source] [64-bit]
[smp:16:16] [rq:16] [async-threads:64] [kernel-poll:true]">>
sys_system_architecture : <<"x86_64-pc-linux-gnu">>

Configured 3 riak instances (no OpenVZ at this time) and joined each
other into a ring.

Then I put 50 objects (average size 2-18kB) into riak. And started a
stress test: about 5*10 requests (via REST) simultaneously to
random-selected objects within 300 seconds. Requests has been made to
all 3 instances via load-balancing HTTP proxy (nginx). Used
(http://code.google.com/p/multi-mechanize/) to make the stress-test.

Got pretty good perfomance and two very bad throughput slowdowns. You
can see results here:

Again: can you help me to eliminate that perfomance downfalls?

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