[ANN] Riak Search 0.14 Released

Rusty Klophaus rusty at basho.com
Mon Jan 24 13:53:01 EST 2011

Hello Riak Users,

We are excited to announce the release of Riak Search version 0.14!

Pre-built installations and source tarballs are available at:

Release notes are at (also copied below):


Riak Search 0.14.0 Release Notes

The majority of effort during development of Riak Search 0.14 went
toward rewriting the query parsing and planning system. This fixes all
known query planning bugs. We also managed to add quite a few new
features and performance improvements. See the highlights below for

Important Configuration and Interface Changes:

- The system now uses the 'whitespace_analyzer_factory' by
  default. (It previously used the 'default_analyzer_factory', which
  has been renamed to 'standard_analyzer_factory'.)

- Indexing and searching will fail with an error message if the
  analyzer_factory configuration setting is not set at either a schema
  or field level.

- The method signature for custom Erlang and Javascript extractors has


- Fixed the query parser to properly respect field-level analyzer

- Fixed the query parser to correctly handle escaped special
  characters and terms within single-quotes and double-quotes.

- Fixed the query parser's interpretation of inclusive and exclusive
  ranges, allowing an inclusive range on one side, and an exclusive
  range on the other (mimicking Lucene).

- Fixed the execution engine to significantly speed up proximity
  searches and phrase searches. (678)

- By default new installations use all Erlang-based extractors, and
  the JVM is not started. Setting the analysis_port in etc/app.config
  will cause the JVM to start and allow the use of Java Lucene-based

- System now aborts queries that would queue up too many documents in
  a result set. This is controlled by a 'max_search_results' setting
  in riak_search. Note that this only affects the Solr
  interface. Searches through the Riak Client API that feed into a
  Map/Reduce job are still allowed to execute because the system
  streams those results.

- Change handoff of Search data stored in merge_index to be more
  memory efficient.

- Added "*_date", "*_int", "*_text", and "*_txt" dynamic fields to the
  default schema.


414 - ETS backend now fully functional (415, 795)
592 - Make parser multi-schema aware
783 - Pass Search Props as KeyData to Map/Reduce Query
788 - Add support for indexing Erlang terms / proplists
839 - Create a way to globally clear schema cache
925 - Change search-cmd commands (set_schema, etc.) to use dashes.

Fixed Bugs

186 - Qilr fails when parsing ISO8601 dates
311 - Qilr does not correctly parse negative numbers
363 - Range queries broken for negative numbers
369 - Range queries broken for ALL integer fields
405 - Update search:index_dir/N to de-index old documents first
411 - Our handling of NOT is different from Solr - "NOT X", "AND NOT
X", "AND (NOT X)"
609 - Calling search:search or search:explain with a binary hangs shell
611 - Error in inclusive/exclusive range building
612 - Single term queries shouldn't include proximity clauses
622 - schema and schemachange test fail after new parser
711 - Update new #range operator to support negative integers
729 - Make Qilr use analyzer specified in schema
732 - Word Position is thrown off by Stopwords
764 - The function search:delete_doc/2 blocks if run after search:index_dir/2
797 - Ranges with quoted terms do not return correct results
801 - Anonymous javascript extractors stored in Bucket/Keys validate
but are not implemented
802 - Schema allows default field that is not defined, but breaks when analyzing
803 - Cannot use search m/r with riak_client:mapred
832 - Query parser fails on escaped special characters
833 - Proximity searching is currently broken for Whitespace Analyzer
836 - Integer padding is ignored for dynamic fields
837 - The parser interprets hyphens as negations (NOT)
840 - JSON and raw extractors assumes a default field of "value"
849 - Default Erlang Analyzer misses 'that' and 'then' as stop words
850 - text_analyzers module is not tail-recursive
864 - Solr output chokes on dates
885 - Coordinating node exits if result set exceeds available memory
886 - Query parser error when searching on terms that contain the @ symbol
935 - Change merge_index fold to be unordered
956 - Error when setting rs_extractfun through Curl/JSON

Known Issues

362 - Sorting broken on negative numbers
399 - Handoff can potentially lead to extraneous postings pointing to
a missing or changed document
790 - Indexing data too quickly can exhaust the ETS table limit
814 - text_analyzer:default_analyzer_factory skips unicode code points
beyond 0x7f
861 - merge_index throws errors when data path contains a period
866 - Sorting positions may change between Solr Searches
867 - Solr "rows" and "start" parameters are applied too early
908 - Solr q.op parameter is ignored (Regression)
955 - Range searching and wildcards across UTF-8 data is broken
957 - Error when viewing bucket properties with a set rs_extractfun
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