Riak Recap for Jan. 26 - 27

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Jan 28 20:26:41 EST 2011

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All,

Today's Recap is pretty amazing: scores of blog posts, session store
code for riak-js, a new "Minute With Riak" Podcast, a Haskell Client,
and more.

Have a good weekend.


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Riak Recap for Jan. 26 - 27

1) Sean Cribbs contributed some session store code to riak-js.

* On GitHub here ---> https://github.com/frank06/riak-js/pull/36

2) Bryan Fink wrote a post for the Basho Blog called "Fixing the
Count." This is a follow up to his post from last week about using
Map/Reduce to calculate Batting Averages.

Read here ---> http://blog.basho.com/2011/01/26/fixing-the-count/

3) In the last recap I mentioned that John Nunemaker wrote something
called "adapter-riak." Turns out it was part of a larger project
called "ToyStore."

For more details see:

* http://railstips.org/blog/archives/2011/01/27/data-modeling-in-performant-systems/
* http://thechangelog.com/post/2960631110/toystore-orm-for-key-value-data-stores

4)  Kresten Krab Thorup (@drkrab) wrote a great blog post called
"About Version Vectors (a.k.a. Vector Clocks)" that might be of use to
those of you who are trying to wrap your head around how versioning
and vector clocks work.

Read here ---> http://www.javalimit.com/2011/01/understanding-vector-clocks.html

5) Bryan O'Sullivan released the Haskell Client for Riak at which he
had been hinting for the last week.

* Code here ---> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/riak-

He also wrote up a blog post about the client and some other open
source technologies that he and the MailRank team are hacking on.

* Read here --->

6) The latest "Minute with Riak" episode is out. This one features
Rusty Klophaus talking about Property Based Testing and how we use
Erlang QuickCheck to test Riak.

Listen here ---> http://riak.minutewith.com/pages/20110128

7) David J. Göhrig wrote a blog post called "Riak, haproxy, and client
side applications." This talks a bit about what it took him to switch
"a django app to running a riaksearch cluster fronted by haproxy."

Read here ---> http://blog.dloh.org/2011/01/riak-haproxy-and-client-side.html

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