Namespace in Ripple?

Thomas Fee gasbeing at
Fri Jul 1 11:25:14 EDT 2011

I'm currently using Ripple with the application name prepended to the
typename in an effort to artificially create a namespace for app, to not
collide with other apps, e.g.

class TcwebRoot
  include Ripple::Document
  property :typed_root_symbol, String, :presence => true
  key_on   :typed_root_symbol
  # et cetera

Where "Tcweb" is the appname functioning as a namespace prefix. The object
class should ideally be called just "Root". I would prefer to not have
"Tcweb" mangled into the classname.

Does Ripple allow this sort of thing?...

class Root
  include Ripple::Document
  property :typed_root_symbol, String, :presence => true
  # et cetera

With my name mangling, plus Ripple's name mapping conventions, a TcwebRoot
object is currently queried like this...
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