db.save() vs. db.update()

Claus Guttesen kometen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 18:30:57 EDT 2011


When saving a new record using db.update() getting the record using
curl has alot more info:

curl "localhost:8098/riak/users/RQC6seqRIKkBNKQt65QMko3W66"

When doing a db.save() with the same data I get:

curl "localhost:8098/riak/users/RQC6seqRIKkBNKQt65QMko3W66"

If I do a db.save() first and then a db.update() the information is
also terse. Why is db.update() more verbose?

I'm using riak-js v. 0.4.0.

My idea was to add more information in addtion to name, club, year
born, gender. But when I edit the user and save it the previous data
gets overwritten. So I changed db.save() to db.update(), saved a new
user and noticed alot more info.


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