Two question in re pre/post commit hooks

Jeffrey Kesselman jeffpk at
Fri Jul 8 13:14:44 EDT 2011

(1) AIUI a given key/value data pair is "owned" by a given node at one time
and operations on it happen on that node and are then replicated out.  Is
this correct?

(2) Is the key/value pair "locked" between pre update and post update?

The motivation for this question is this.

I need to do the following operations on update:

(1) In the pre-update hook, get the existing value (lets call it A)
(2) Compare some data in the update (lets call it A') with A
(3) Validate or reject the update based on that comparison
(4) If validated, write A' out as the new value of A, if not, return a
validation error.

I need 1-4 to happen in a consistent fashion,  If someone else can come  in
and update A after (1) but before (4), the scheme wont work.

I *could* do my own locking in (1) and then add an unlock step in (5)
assuming that all updates will take place on the same node, but I
dislike injecting locking into a system that has unknown other expectations
of the operation.
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