problem building on CentOS 64bit

Phil Stanhope stanhope at
Fri Jul 8 14:41:19 EDT 2011

Thanks Sean.

I did what you suggested. Pulled and built a new rebar. Copied that into
/usr/local/bin. Checked that it would take precedence over the one that is
packaged in the RIAK repo.

The one in the root of RIAK is "rebar version: 2 date 20110310_184739
2e1b4da". The newly built one is: "rebar version: 20110708_181908 vcs: git

Unfortunately, the makefile in the root of RIAK explicitly calls the
pre-packaged rebar. I get the same build errors.

So I replaced the prepackaged rebar with the newly built one ... and a clean
build works fine with no makefile changes required.


On Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 2:08 PM, Sean Cribbs <sean at> wrote:

> Phil,
> This is a question best sent to the riak-users list.  Recent changes in the
> codebase necessitate an upgrade to rebar. In your source checkout, download
> rebar from here: ... then
> re-attempt the build.
> On Fri, Jul 8, 2011 at 2:01 PM, Phil Stanhope <stanhope at> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Environment = CentOS 64bit 5.6
>> I've got working 13B04 (from source) + .14.2 ... no problems there.
>> I've got a working 14B02 (from source) ... no problems there.
>> I've cloned RIAK from github today. Have two problems while building:
>> erlang_js ... need to modify Makefile to explicitly set --enable-64bit
>> eleveldb ... need to modify leveldb/Makefile to explicitly set -fPIC
>> NOTE: When I pull the individual repos directly, they build fine. It's
>> only when pulling RIAK and rebar has done the get_deps process that I've got
>> the problem.
>> It seems that there are commits in either of the dependent repositories
>> for these fixes.
>> I just don't know how rebar does it's dependency magic (yet) to understand
>> what commit it's pulling from github.
>> -phil
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