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Mon Jul 11 04:22:25 EDT 2011


The erldocs already pointed to by Jeff are a good start to find out what the values represent, and I made a note to improve our documentation to go into more detail on monitoring and the stats too.

the most important stats to look out for are usually the fsm times and their percentiles (node_get_fsm* and node_put_fsm*), as they'll immediately point you towards increased latency scenarios, even for shorter bursts. To get an idea of the number of requests Riak is handling, gather the number of requests in the last minute too (vnode_gets and vnode_puts) or use a counter for the total number of requests (vnode_gets_total and vnode_puts_total).

Mathias Meyer
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On Samstag, 9. Juli 2011 at 06:07, Jon Baer wrote:

> Hi,
> I am wondering if there is a clearly explanation or docs somewhere that explains a little bit more on what some of the /stats represent.
> Also which are the ones you would want your sysadmin to watch / monitor closely.
> Thanks.
> - Jon
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