Any Riak folks used Grizzly?

Jon Brisbin jon at
Mon Jul 11 19:04:41 EDT 2011

I'm working on a non-blocking, NIO-based HTTP client based on Grizzly. I'm working on streaming data from a FileChannel object to Riak, but doing it in a non-blocking way. 

I'm having some trouble figuring out why I'm getting extra data sent to Riak, which is sending me a 400 response I'm not expecting. I get the 204 response I expect upon successful upload, but I'm getting an "extra" response after the 204, which I can only assume is coming from "extra" data attached to the first request that I can't track down. 

I don't know if anyone's had experience using Grizzly to communicate with Riak's REST API, but whether you have or not, another set of eyes on this would be great! 

The source is on GitHub and the test I'm having issues with is the "upload" test here: 


Jon Brisbin 

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