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1.) You can include custom headers stored with Riak objects, using the X-Riak-Meta-<headername>. These are specific for every Riak object.

2.) To allow just GET requests you'll be better off putting an HTTP aware filter or reverse proxy in front of your Riak cluster, which explicitly only enables GET requests. There's no way of disabling certain access methods for HTTP in Riak directly, at least as far as configuration goes.

As for your general question, it's hard to give a good answer without knowing more details about what your data looks like and, what read/write patterns you have. Providing us with some more details would help giving you an answer here. If you only access all data for a particular zip code in one go though, the answer would probably be yes.

Mathias Meyer
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On Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011 at 15:04, Anton Podviaznikov wrote:

> Hi, 
> I just started with learning documentation and playing with Riak so I have few questions:
> 1. Can I set custom HTTP headers for HTTP API?
> 2. Can I enable e.x. just HTTP GET requests?
> And general question:
> e.x. I have list of zip codes and want to expose that data via REST(just for reading).
> Is it good idea to use riak for such task? 
> Best regards,
> Anton Podviaznikov
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