LevelDB driver

David Smith dizzyd at basho.com
Tue Jul 12 11:16:16 EDT 2011

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 4:24 PM, Will Moss <wmoss at bu.mp> wrote:

> I know you guys are busy working on various new features, is this going to
> make it into the next production release? Is there a date for that? Is there
> somewhere to look at your road map so I don't have to spam the list?

Hi Will,

Yes, the current plan is to have LevelDB a default part of the next
production release.

We're still hashing out the timing of the next release, but it will
_probably_ be sometime in the next 3 months (or so...).


Dave Smith
Director, Engineering
Basho Technologies, Inc.
dizzyd at basho.com

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