LevelDB driver

Justin Sheehy justin at basho.com
Tue Jul 12 13:36:52 EDT 2011

Hi, Phil.

I might have caused a little confusion. I mentioned, but perhaps
didn't sufficiently emphasize, that the benchmark comparing LevelDB to
InnoDB was not a benchmark of Riak at all, but just directly talking
to the storage engines in order to look at the feasibility of doing
more with LevelDB.

That is why there is no mention of how many nodes or any such thing:
it was a one-machine test of embedded storage engines. The data was
generated by basho_bench during the tests, initially using the
sequential_int_gen generator and then using the pareto generators for
subsequent access.

As LevelDB becomes more fully supported as a backend for Riak, we will
certainly publish directions and examples for configuration.


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