Riak Recap for July 11 - 12

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Wed Jul 13 20:21:41 EDT 2011

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All,

For today's Recap: Blog posts, Q & A from #riak, and more.



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Riak Recap for July 11 - 12

1) For anyone in or around Toronto: it was just announced that Basho
Developer Advocate (and Scaling Genius!) Mathias Meyer (@roidrage)
will be speaking at TechTalksTO:Underground in August.

* Details here --->

2) The Ripple Hackathon has been happening for the last few days in
San Francisco, and Sean Cribbs has been doing some blogging to make
sure you're all kept in the loop.

* Day 1 Details --->
* Day 2 Details --->

3) Q --- Anyone have a good set of munin plugins for Riak? (from
chip___ via #riak)

    A --- Nothing I know of. Anyone have anything they can share?

4) Q --- Is it possible to delete data in a bucket from inside a
map/reduce job? (from http402 via #riak)

    A --- Yes. Using an Erlang MapReduce Function. Start with this:
    and modify accordingly.

5) jtuple and rando had a short convo in #riak that started with "is
`riak-admin join` idempotent?"

* Gist here ---> https://gist.github.com/1081593

6) If anyone is considering taking/applying for a job working on Riak
and cares about salary, this blog post is worth checking out:


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