Introducing a forked Rekon that does map/reduce

Brian Rowe rowe at
Thu Jul 14 17:22:58 EDT 2011


I made some enhancements to Rekon that I thought the community might
be interested in. The primary pay-off is the ability to execute
map/reduce jobs over a bucket via Rekon. You can assemble phases
together directly from the browser, execute the job, and see the
results. The jobs can be any combination of Javascript and Erlang
(assuming the inputs and outputs are compatible). I wrote up a blog
post that has some screen shots.

In the name of batteries included, I included the Alice in Wonderland
example to illustrate the usage. Normal installation (same as master
branch) does not load the batteries, but options are available for any
combination of pieces (jobs, buckets, erlang code).

You can pull the code from github. There are a lot of changes, so I'm
not sure it's appropriate to merge back to the master.

Options for the installer are documented here:

Any comments are welcome.


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