Proposed changes to backends

Jon Meredith jmeredith at
Fri Jul 15 13:17:50 EDT 2011

As we work towards the next release we're planning to refactor the riak_kv
backend interface and drivers.  To ensure a smooth upgrade path we would
like to know if:

1) Has anybody written *and deployed* custom backends using the
riak_kv_backend behavior for their production deployments (those written
just for fun can be updated just for fun).

2) Is anybody using the dets or fs drivers that would be unable to switch to
bitcask or eleveldb?

If the answer is yes, please respond to the list or directly to me (
jmeredith at

The plan for the backend drivers is to consolidate some and remove others
that have outgrown their utility.

  memory   - adding features from cache to the ETS driver.
  eleveldb - backend using Google's leveldb (already on master with old API)

 innostore - driver will be updated to new interface, but will be deprecated
eventually.  InnoBase have removed references to EmbeddedInno from their web
site including removing support forums.  A migration path will be provided
at that time.

  ets      - replaced by memory
  cache    - replaced by memory
  gb_trees - replaced by memory
  dets     - bitcask/eleveldb can be used instead.
  fs       - bitcask/eleveldb can be used instead.

Best Regards,

Basho Engineering.
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