Surprise from Basho :-O

Jonathan Langevin jlangevin at
Mon Jul 18 22:44:26 EDT 2011

Got home from work today to find a package waiting for me from Basho

Consisted of a Riak/Basho t-shirt, a variety of Riak & Basho stickers, and a
quite-nice-note-on-the-back-of-his-business-card from Mark Phillips :-)
Definitely a welcome surprise, as receiving packages always makes it feel
like Christmas for me, lol.

Cheers to Mark and all at Basho, thanks for the gifts!

Gotta love a company that gives out swag to it's community members, eh? Not
like I wasn't already, but now I'm definitely such a fanboy that I'm afraid
I'll get a Rasho :-D

Thanks again!

*Jonathan Langevin
Systems Administrator
Loom Inc.
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