Riak Recap for July 20 - 24

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Riak Recap for July 20 - 24

1) OJ Reeves (@thecolonial) and Jeremiah Peschka (@peschkaj) released
a .NET client for Riak yesterday called "CorrugatedIron". In short,
this library is awesome.

* Project site ---> http://corrugatediron.org/
* Repo on GitHub ---> https://github.com/DistributedNonsense/CorrugatedIron
* Introductory Blog Post from OJ --->
* Introductory Blog Post from Jeremiah --->

Special thanks are due OJ, Jeremiah, and several others who worked on
making version 0.1 possible! Rumor has it that they are already fast
at work on version 0.2 and are on the look out for contributors...

2) The videos for the WindyCityDB conference held in June in Chicago
are online. Susan Potter gave a great talk on Link Walking in Riak and
you should watch it.

* Watch here ---> http://windycitydb.org/videos2011/

3) @Cy6erBr4in released a link shortener built with Erlang, Riak, and

* Link shortener ---> http://aes.li/
* Code on GitHub ---> https://github.com/2garryn/esli

4) Some jobs:

* Extole in San Francisco is looking for a Ruby Developer with Riak
experience. --> http://bit.ly/pD4aLY
* Opening for a Java Developer with Riak and Mongo experience in
Middlebury, VT --->  http://bit.ly/puJayu

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